Prayer Ministry Training Day

Prayer is right at the heart of our personal and corporate life.  And in our worship, we love to offer prayer ministry, as people come forward to pray and be prayed for.  But what is prayer ministry?  How do we do it and how can we be effective when we pray for others and receive prayer for ourselves?  To answer questions like these, we offer training on a regular basis. 

Prayer ministry training is for anyone and everyone who wants to be better informed about this crucial area of ministry Many people who have undertaken the training have found their own prayer lives enriched by its practical wisdom.  It is worth noting that though attendance does not provide automatic qualification to the prayer ministry team, it is certainly a pre-requisite.

Prayer Ministry Training Day, Sat 5 Nov, 10am to 4pm. Venue: Saint Swithun's Shaw Suite

We invite you to come to our next training event.  It's free!  It takes place on Saturday 5th November at St Swithun's from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.   Please bring a Bible, a pen and a sandwich  lunch.  We will provide hot and cold drinks.  If you have any questions to Clive or Liz Sampson, you can call 01425 279029.  

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