If you have found this page between
August 2017 and September 3rd 2017
please click the link below to get the up to date services times. Thank you http://www.stswithuns.me/summer-six/


Morning Services

The 10:30 - St Swithun's site, doors and cafe open at 10am. 
The 11am - St Clements site, doors and cafe open at 10:30am. 
The 12:45 - St Clements Eucharist Service, doors open at 12:30am. 

Come and join us for breakfast, followed by informal contemporary worship and bible - based teaching. 
The Lighthouse (0's - Year 6) & Younger Youth (Years 7-9) run during these services.

Everyone is welcome. 

Evening Services  (The 5pm & The 7 - St Swithun's site)

Both The 5pm & The 7 kick off with a relaxed cafe when the doors open at 4:30pm & 6:30pm. Our evening services have an informal, contemporary service of worship, teaching, extended ministry time and a relaxed atmosphere.   Older Youth gather at the 5pm whereas Students aim for The 7.


Our church locations are as follows

St Clement's Church
St Clement's Road,

St Swithun's Church
Gervis Road
Dorset BH1 3ED