Teams make our vision actually happen.  They’re also one of the best way to make friends.  

• The Recovery Course 

The course is designed to bring freedom to people who struggle with addiction or any compulsive behaviour.  If you have a passion to support people in this journey, contact for more details. 

• The Hospitality Teams for the 10:30AM, the 11AM (at St Clement's), the 5PM and the 7PM services

Making St Swithun's the best place to be in Bournemouth on a Sunday; welcoming new friends, meet with God and have a good time.

• Children’s Teams

On Sunday's the Lighthouse teams aim to make Sunday the highlight for every child.  Our youth and older youth teams meet in the week to provide a great atmosphere for our youth to explore their faith and have fun together.

• Alpha Team 

The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith.  This team makes that happen: we set up, welcome, help in groups, and serve food.

• Student Team

Every student who comes to St Swithun’s can expect a lot of love and a lot of laughs. This team makes every aspect of church life a great place for students to feel at home, hang out, make new friends and get fed both physically and spiritually.

• Youth Team

We want to see every young person experience God’s love and become everything God has made them to be.  Having great fun, making friends and getting to know God, is all part of it.

• Relationship Courses

Relationship really matter.  If you have a passion to help couples, parents and carers of children, individuals recovering from divorce, separation or a bereavement, then email for more information.

• Pastoral Teams

Caring for people by providing practical help and support is an important part of our life together. Over the winter months we provide a night shelter for homeless people and our pastoral team aims to match up those with a need to those who are able to help.